What are our interior specialists working on? What are the latest developments in our sector? What are the newest trends in care furniture? We keep you informed.

Cosy health care furniture for maternity units

Having a baby is a very special event, which involves the whole family. Mum is not a traditional patient, which means a room in a maternity unit should not be approached as a classic hospital room. We examined the relevant focal points.

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Hygiene and comfort with the right look and feel

There are many facets to taking care of one another. Moments Furniture makes furniture for care institutions, paying attention to the aspects of maintenance and hygiene.

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Safety & design in moments furniture

Did you know that design and safety go hand in hand?

Whether for maternity, residential care or home care, we all want furniture that is not only safe, but also perfectly aesthetic. At moments furniture, we always look for the ideal balance between care and design. How do we do that? Benoit from

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Sensory perception - a brief overview

What do we have in store for you in March? A lot more about sensory experience. Check out the video and keep an eye on our social media!

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