About Moments Furniture

Our story

Moments Furniture was founded in Belgium in 1935 as Braekevelt. We quickly earned a strong reputation as a specialist in the development and production of healthcare furniture and as an advisor for the design of complete care interiors. The secret of our success for more than 80 years? In our designs and interior concepts we always look for a balanced combination of comfort and style. At Moments we always go for functional design. You can see that just by looking at our seating and care bed collections.

European network

We continue to enlarge our expertise in high-quality care furniture and comfortable care interiors and we offer our products and services for the health sector to international markets. We have an expansive European network, with sales offices in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland and Germany. Our furniture production centres are located in Ingelmunster (Belgium) and Salzkotten (Germany). 

A warm feeling of being at home

As a family firm, we find it important to create warm, cosy, inviting interiors that everyone feels at home in. Our seating, beds and interior concepts are innovative high-end solutions that radiate a sense of wellbeing, while taking full account of the user’s state of health. 

Moments focuses on sustainable development and wellbeing

Moments Furniture is committed to circular economy. We resolutely choose materials that have a minimal impact on people and the environment. During production, waste is reduced and recycled as much as possible. In addition, all components of our furniture can be separated at the end of their lives and recycled for use in new products.


How we work?