What are our interior specialists working on? What are the latest developments in our sector? What are the newest trends in care furniture? We keep you informed.

How to bring comfort and safety to a resident’s room

Moving from your own home to a residential care centre is a big step. Choosing the right furniture will help you reduce this threshold. Discover the importance of a safe and comfortable care bed for fall prevention and restraint-friendly policy.

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The perfect bedroom concept

We don't lose sight of the bedroom concept either! For residents of a residential care home, psychiatry or other care institution, the bedroom remains an important place. But what do you need, and what do you have to pay attention to? We visited Robert's bedroom and found out!

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3 interior tips for safe mobility

In good weather everyone loves to be out on the terrace. For the elderly, the route outdoors is often a challenge. Fall prevention is sometimes easier than you might think. We’ll help you on your way with these 3 interior tips.

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Cosy health care furniture for maternity units

Having a baby is a very special event, which involves the whole family. Mum is not a traditional patient, which means a room in a maternity unit should not be approached as a classic hospital room. We examined the relevant focal points.

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