What are our interior specialists working on? What are the latest developments in our sector? What are the newest trends in care furniture? We keep you informed.

Belgium care furniture enters Hong Kong’s silver market

An article about Moments Furniture was published in the Hong Kong Economic times last month, read the translated article here.

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85 years of Moments – Many happy returns!

Moments Furniture is 85 years old. We’ll be around for a long time yet and will continue to provide people with comfort in their old age.

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Moments furnishes hospital of the future

Earlier this year the Cabrini Malvern Hospital in Victoria, Australia, opened its new Gandel wing. The eye-catching design and innovative furnishings attracted a great deal of press attention. Even Vogue devoted an article to it: “Is this the world’s most beautiful hospital?”. With the Cosmo chair

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Studio M creates care centre magic

How about a coffee in the residential care centre around the corner? If you can do it in a trendy launderette or a hotel lobby… then why not there? Studio M is taking up the challenge and inventing ‘magical’ interior concepts to make care environments cosy and welcoming.

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