What are our interior specialists working on? What are the latest developments in our sector? What are the newest trends in care furniture? We keep you informed.

Residential care centres as convivial living environments

Tubbe is already well-established in Scandinavia. This new organisational model for residential care centres is now being introduced in Belgium. In the coming years, some 200 residential care centres will actively work on improving the participation and autonomy of residents and staff. Want to know

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Henry van de Velde Award for the designer of Nevada

Wim Segers of Studio Segers recently received the Henry van de Velde Lifetime Achievement Award. During his career, the designer also made designs for Moments Furniture. How and what exactly? You can find out here.

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Creating healing environments in hospitals

CREATING HEALING ENVIRONMENTS, it is simply in our DNA. And we do for all kinds of care facilities, including hospitals.

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Designing a hospital with a considered approach: From concept to furniture

Vanuit de filosofie Creating Healing Environments denken Studio M en Moments Furniture mee bij het ontwikkelen van volwaardige concepten voor ziekenhuizen. Centraal doorheen de hele inrichting staat het creëren van een therapeutische ervaring die bijdraagt aan het genezingsproces van de zorgvrager.

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