Hygiene and comfort with the right look and feel

Designing and producing furniture for care institutions requires attention to important details, perhaps even more so than when you make a piece of furniture for regular consumers. Because how do you combine the right look and feel with the hygiene measures that are becoming ever more important? It’s a balancing act that Moments Furniture successfully performs every time it designs a new piece of furniture.

Due to COVID-19, care institutions are paying more attention than ever to hygiene measures. These include washing your hands, wearing a face mask correctly, using disposable hand towels and disinfecting surfaces. These everyday actions have become a mantra designed to keep all infections and viruses at bay.

Moments Furniture has been conscious of this for quite some time, and therefore integrates hygiene into every design. Choosing materials for furniture in care institutions is thus a question of striking the right balance. A piece of furniture doesn’t only need to be attractive; the materials from which it is made also have to feel comfortable and it must be possible to maintain it perfectly.

Carefully chosen materials

That’s why Moments Furniture always selects materials and fabrics that have undergone an antibacterial treatment and are washable. Our wood is given a double coat of dual-component varnish for extra protection. After the first coat is applied, the wood is sanded again. This makes the structure completely dense and closed with the result that bacteria cannot penetrate the wood, making it easy to clean even when subjected to repeated and intensive use.

Antibacterial and antiviral

In terms of upholstery, this harmony between ambiance and hygiene is achieved through the use of artificial leather. This material has undergone an enormous development in recent years. It has acquired a soft, supple texture that adds considerable value to the look and feel of furniture.

Currently, Moments is even taking things a step further with the introduction of Stamskin Zen. This antiviral and antibacterial fabric is particularly hygienic. It will kill a virus, including COVID-19, within the hour. It is therefore an innovative fabric which contributes to care-specific, high-quality furniture that meets today’s high hygiene requirements.