Cosy health care furniture for maternity units

Having a baby is a very special event, which involves the whole family. Mum is not a traditional patient, which means a room in a maternity unit should not be approached as a classic hospital room. We examined the relevant focal points.

From breastfeeding pillows and heated mattresses to adjustable chests of drawers and comfortable chairs, there is a great deal of hospital furniture specifically aimed at the maternity unit. These furniture items are not only comfortable for the family staying in the hospital, but also for the nurses who work with them on a daily basis.

The family at the centre

You are admitted to the maternity unit as a family. Therefore, it is important to create a cosy home-like setting that radiates calm and in which every family member feels at ease. This combination of a home-like environment with the reassurance of medical care nearby is extremely important.

The INO reclining armchair is a prime example of this. It provides the family with cosy, multifunctional seating. Mum can sink down in it to relax or feed the baby. For Dad, the armchair can be quickly transformed into a comfy armchair bed. In the reclined position the armchair is also ideal for snuggling down with baby.

Atmosphere and conviviality

Creating a home-like setting is easier said than done but is a piece of cake with the right health care furniture. The INO armchair, as well as the COSMO lounge chair, is available in a number of attractive colours and lovely fabrics, which immediately help create a warm ambiance.

The chairs can also be equipped with plenty of options and accessories to add more functionalities and an extra cosy feel. Examples include upholstered armrests, a designer coffee table, a tray attachment and so on.

Comfort for everyone

As a brand new mother, you don’t want your baby to be out of sight for a moment. That’s why it is also important for furniture to be aligned with maternity needs so that all actions can be carried out close to the mother. For this reason, a lot of reclining armchairs, including INO, can be fitted with wheels.

Being close to the baby contributes to the sense of security felt by the whole family. All furniture items in the maternity unit are also very ergonomic. Not only for the family, but also for the nurses and midwives who work there every day. They are the perfect combination of comfort and functionality.

Blog in association with VAB, specialist in medical furniture for mother and baby in the Netherlands. As a distributor of furniture for the medical sector, VAB is 100% aware that innovative comfort makes a difference to both the patient and the care provider.