3 interior tips for safe mobility

As your body ages your muscles lose their strength. You get less active, and the fear of falling can be very real. Before you realise it, the fear can create a vicious circle. But it is important to keep moving, and to enjoy the fresh air. While good for your health, a comfortable outdoor environment also paves the way for social contact. Getting outdoors needn't be a stumbling block, and fall-prevention measures can be easy to put in place, provided you keep a few points in mind. Make it onto your terrace in one piece with these 3 interior tips from Moments Furniture.

1. Pick solid and stable furniture

You want your indoor and outdoor furniture to be comfortable, but it should also be able to withstand a few knocks. Wide armrests give a firm base, making it easy to get to your feet. Take your time when rising you will avoid feeling dizzy. Keep one hand free as you walk, in case you have to reach out suddenly, for support or to steady yourself. There should be no sharp edges on your furniture.

2. Create clear and safe walking routes

An easy path to the terrace, or any other destination, begins with a floor plan. The Studio M experts look into this when planning your interior. They ensure that the walking routes offer plenty of room for wheelchairs and reclining armchair on wheels. A few extra tips:

  • A waiting bench in the hall makes a good resting place.
  • Avoid trip hazards, such as cables and rugs.
  • Beware of sills and steps, on sliding windows, for example.

3. Take control of your own mobility

Reduced mobility? Try a reclining armchair on wheels. They are sturdier, handier and more comfortable than wheelchairs, without the stigma. Go for bigger wheels and a simple braking system. Always apply the brake when you reach the terrace. This will stop the chair from moving when you stand. To keep the chair, wheels and brakes in top condition, have them checked once a year.

More tips? Our experts are glad to help.

Reclining armchairs for safe mobility