How to bring comfort and safety to a resident’s room

Moving from your own home to a residential care centre is a big event in anyone’s life. However, care providers can do their part to bring a home-like, secure feeling to a resident’s room. Physiotherapist Sven Verthé, who is affiliated with our M-Academy, explains.

Each room in a residential care centre contains almost identical elements: a table, a comfortable chair with armrests, a lounge chair or recliner, a bedside table and a bed. Residents often bring a cupboard and a bedspread from home, as well as photos of children and grandchildren.

Feeling at home

Residents like to turn their room into their own little spot. Staff at residential care centres can help residents by giving them their own type of key, doorbell or mailbox, for example, or by adhering to a resident’s familiar bedtime rituals. A short chat in the evening, a little music, lights on or off, curtains open or closed: all of this can be of great help.

The bed is the room’s most important piece of furniture. Of course, switching from a double to a single bed is the biggest adjustment. It is important to create a home-like atmosphere in and around the bed, where comfort and security are paramount. The best way to do this is to use warm colours, pleasant fabrics and - above all - comfortable furniture.

A bespoke care bed

Everyone sleeps differently, and in order to help someone feel at home it is also important to adjust a resident’s bed entirely to his or her preferences. So, choose modular care beds that fit perfectly in a friendly, home-like atmosphere.

A bed that is easy to get in and out of also contributes added value. After all, getting in and out of bed can be a complex undertaking for which care home residents need a little support. A bed that lowers and rises easily, along with stepless height-adjustable side rails, is also a great help.

Security rails

Don’t forget to take into account the lateral protection. They do more than just help you in and out of bed. On the one hand, a stepless adjustable model is easier for the care staff to manage. On the other hand, these new generation of side rails give the resident a safe feeling, whereas in the past they tended to make a person feel caged in.

Still need to get out of bed at night? A safe exit system is a perfect alternative. A good care bed combines all these factors, with fewer fall incidents, a minimal restraint policy and improved sleep as a result. That is what commitment to prevention, care and well-being is all about.

All these features come together in the Formidabel beds from FMB, part of the Moments Furniture Group. A high-tech bed that still feels just like the one at home, available in 3 models and that maintains the ideal balance between perfect care bed and home-like atmosphere. Contact us for more information.