Henry van de Velde Award for the designer of Nevada

In 2022, Wim Segers received the prestigious Henry van de Velde Lifetime Achievement Award. For Moments Furniture, the designer from Maaseik is no stranger. For example, they worked in close collaboration on the Nevada sofa design. This is a timeless design that instantly highlights its distinctive no-nonsense approach and creative look with an eye for functionality.

Chicken coops, coffins, interiors, indoor and outdoor furniture, etc. In his long career, Wim Segers was given the opportunity to take on many design challenges. For this, he was awarded the Henry van de Velde Lifetime Achievement Award as an all-round designer. Yet Wim considers this a recognition for the entire team, which is committed to architecture, product design and graphic design on a daily basis. ‘The award may be in my name, but it is the merit of every employee. Design is teamwork’, says Wim.

Collaboration with Moments Furniture

In 1989, Wim Segers started Studio Segers together with his partner Rita Westhovens. Some time ago, Wim came to Moments Furniture for their rebranding. After detailing the graphic elements, they also started with the product development of a sofa, which would later be called Nevada. The stylish and comfortable armchair with continuous seat cushion is still a fixed part of the range of Moments Furniture, especially for mental health care.

‘That was a very pleasant collaboration with a very good briefing’, recalls Wim. ‘That close contact is important, because design is an intrinsic process in which you work together to find the right solutions and details. Functionality, sustainability and comfort are important building blocks. Designing for healthcare poses an additional challenge because it involves different requirements. You design a functional product that should not look like a piece of stigmatised furniture for healthcare. Homeliness and ease of maintenance are important elements here.’

Pivotal moment

In the busy career of Wim Segers, care was more than a sideline. ‘Our studio likes to realise meaningful and sustainable concepts in various product segments. As far as I’m concerned, the healthcare sector is the future’, says Wim. This is a vision that the designer shares with Moments Furniture, where designing high-quality furniture with a view to healing environments is the main motivating factor.

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