Nature as a healing element for mind and body

Nature as a healing element for mind and body

Everyone knows the power of nature, although its impact on our health is sometimes underestimated. Moments Furniture, together with Studio M, is strongly committed to a total outdoor experience in order to create a healing environment outdoors as well. The result? Powerful outdoor concepts tailored to the specific needs of healthcare.

Digging with your hands in the soil, taking a walk in the park or woods, standing barefoot in the grass or leaning against a tree: it empties the head and has a therapeutic effect. Did you know that you don’t even have to make much effort to feel the benefits of nature? Consciously looking at the greenery in the garden, park or woods relaxes mind and body. That is why Moments Furniture is strongly committed to outdoor health care furniture based on its philosophy of creating healing environments.

Therapeutic gardens

The positive effects of nature on the mind and body have been proven. Going outside gives your body more oxygen and decreases the level of cortisol in your system, your blood pressure and heart rate go down and your immune system gets a boost. This makes you calmer and more relaxed, and you usually get a better night’s sleep too.

With this in mind, a garden was set up in Leuven’s Central Prison for the inmates. These people are prone to anxiety and depression, and are often looking for a sense of purpose. The calming effect of the green environment is not the only benefit. At the same time, they learn soft and hard skills: perseverance, planning and mastering the right techniques. It is the combination of all these factors that increases the therapeutic effect of the gardens.

Outdoor comfort and safety

In healthcare settings, it is essential to get residents and patients out more. By focusing on the right outdoor health care furniture and also supporting movement smoothly, you lower the threshold for patients.

With comfortable, ergonomic tables and chairs, Moments Furniture has a wide range of outdoor furniture, tailored to the needs of a care facility: accessible for wheelchairs or lounge chairs on wheels, sturdy so that it does not tip over and yet easy to move. And by combining sustainable materials with stylish designs, not only the garden but also the terrace furniture is a sight to behold.