Welcome to our new showroom!

In the wake of our 85th birthday, we have completely revamped our showroom in Ingelmunster. Even more attention to presentation. Even more atmosphere. To make it feel even more welcoming. Is it time you paid us a visit?

Atmosphere on two floors

Moments is all about ‘Creating Hospitality’. You will feel that the moment you enter the new showroom. This is no ordinary arrangement of care furnishings, but a nice mix of seating and sleeping furniture in a pleasant setting. The ground floor, alongside an overview of our latest collections of care chairs, sofas and recliners, will give you a good idea of how a comfortably furnished care bedroom can look.

Even more atmosphere upstairs. Here you can really see how we come up with interior concepts based on our Creating Hospitality approach, with every detail just so. Care furniture, curtains, floor covering, window decoration. In the miniature display boxes, you will discover, room by room, how we and our partners create inviting interiors for a unique overall experience. Inspirational.

More than just a showroom

But there is still more to experience in our new showroom. There is also a meeting room, for example, for receiving clients and discussing their projects right in the heart of our world. And, for a drink and a snack, entirely in the Creating Hospitality spirit, we have even created a real brasserie. Our staff come here for lunch every afternoon. Finally, in the lounge you can take a breather and sit back and relax after your visit.

Interested in seeing how we put Creating Hospitality into practice? A warm welcome awaits you in our new showroom!
Address: Deefakkerstraat 2, 8770 Ingelmunster, Belgium