A healing environment as an all-in experience

A healing environment has a therapeutic, nurturing effect, reducing residents’ anxiety and stress and promoting recovery and a general sense of well-being. This kind of setting requires a welcoming, experiential all-in approach, which ensures that residents, visitors and the employees all feel at home.

As hospitality creators for care homes, Studio M focuses on a thoughtful, well-considered approach to the environment and experience. “You can easily elevate your concept with an all-in experience that prioritises comfort, hygiene, safety and a cosy ambience,” says Serge De Rouck, art director and hospitality creator at Studio M. “On the one hand, you are working to create a living environment for the residents. They often find it quite difficult to adjust to their new surroundings, which is why we need to focus on creating something that is very similar to what they used to have before. On the other hand, a residential care centre should also be an inviting and welcoming place for visitors. Our communal areas are real meeting areas.

More than a bedroom

With the right all-in concept, you can create an open ambience, ensuring that everyone feels welcome and settles in. “A care home is like a miniature village, a small community. Residents get together to knit in a knitting club, read a book in the library or enjoy pancakes in the bistro with their children and grandchildren. The well-being of residents is enhanced if you give them the opportunity to pursue their daily activities in the care home, and ensure that their lives are very much the same as they were before they moved in.” 

Creating a healing environment means paying attention to all these elements. “Just think of the garden or the patio. The outside air, the nature and the sunlight, they all have a beneficial effect on our physical and mental health. We implement an adapted vision and design scheme for these outdoor areas, to ensure that everyone has easy and pleasant access to the outdoors. Even the smallest detail can make all the difference. 

So the main thing is to create a pleasant and inviting environment, where everyone feels welcome. “By creating the best experience, you create an environment that is most conducive to healing,” Serge notes. “Creating a vision that is founded on an all-in experience will help to create an environment that is beneficial for everyone. Because each residential care centre is unique and has its own residents and employees. And we transpose this unique identity into a carefully thought-out all-in concept, designed around a sensory experience.

Here, too, healing environments have already been created

Creating healing environments

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