Residents and visitors alike feel at home in the Alphonse Lacourt residential care centre

In 2015 the Social House and the City of Ostend gave the green light for the renovation of the A. Lacourt residential care centre. Right now a new wing with three floors is under construction for 78 residents. In fitting out the residential care centre, special attention was given to the choice of care furniture… for the cafeteria too.

Tailor-made fitting out of a care institution
The new wing is designed to support residents’ functionality and to promote their well-being and comfort. Everyone must feel welcome and at home. Residents and visitors. To help create that warm and welcoming environment, Moments were called on as experts in fitting out care facilities.

Comfortable cafeteria
The construction, finishing and fitting out of the cafeteria called for our particular attention. The aim of the project manager and the care centre was to make it a convivial meeting place in the centre. So we selected quality care furniture not just for its care function but above all on the basis that it had to have a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and inviting look and feel. The user’s well-being in all its aspects was our clear priority.

Styling included
Together with Moments’ Studio M we also thought long and hard about the space as a whole. As well as the floor design and the colour study to put the right furniture in the right place, we also gave advice on the interior decoration and appropriate styling of the cafeteria. So our contribution went well beyond just putting a few tables and chairs in place. We designed the cafeteria from A to Z and made it a convivial meeting space… for residents, family and friends.