Homely atmosphere in a residential care centre

Huizeken van Nazareth is one of five residential care centres run by the non-profit association Amate in Belgium. During the renovation of the campus in the heart of Antwerp, the creation of a homely atmosphere was seen as a key element. Assar Llox Architects designed the new Amate style and found the ideal partner in Moments to help shape it. From the residents’ rooms and day room to the Grand Café – every interior now has a warm and inviting character. The residents feel at home and visitors like to drop by.


There is no standardisation whatsoever in this design. The tables, chairs, seats and care chairs fit seamlessly into the decor. They provide the necessary comfort and have a modern look. In this way, they transcend the typical ‘feel’ of a residential care centre. For example, the Verona and Bolton care chairs were given a lighter star base to make them look even more like the type of recliner you might find in any living room. The seats in the Grand Café are completely custom-made. They make all the difference and give this residential care centre an even more homely look and feel.