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Dear friends of the care sector,

I first came into contact with the care sector 30 years ago, with the takeover of Braekevelt,  founded in 1935. This Belgian family business started out making church chairs by hand and has since grown into a valued manufacturer of care furniture. 

Sisters and priests continued to be part of our customer base for a long time. They bought our church chairs and encouraged us to produce solid beech furniture for their residential care centres. First-class beech, mortise and tenon joints and hot-bone glue made this furniture indestructible. Even today, we proudly use this incredibly strong production method on certain models. 

From the beginning, our mission was: “To make people’s lives better, in a world of people for people”. In 2021, the Moments Furniture Group operates internationally and focuses on the development, production, distribution of care furniture, medical aids and the creation of concepts for human-centred care spaces. The care market is in constant change and we respond to this with our know-how, sustainable and innovative approach. This makes us the best possible partner for the realisation of care concepts and new care models. The possibilities are enormous and the challenges we face are more exciting than ever.

Together with our more than 150 enthusiastic employees and our CEO Peter Sarasyn, we, as a Belgian family business, therefore cherish the ambition to help people in need of care to live happier and longer lives. A socially responsible and socially relevant mission in a world where the ageing of the population and the number of people in need of care is constantly increasing.

Throughout the years, and constantly evolving, we have become more aware that furnishing care facilities goes beyond integrating quality care furniture. It is also and above all about experience, creating cosy, restful spaces with maximum attention to ergonomics where residents, patients, visitors and staff feel comfortable and good. Moments believes in the healing character of the (care) environment, in which the stimulation of all the senses is central, and we all want to contribute to this! 

CREATING HEALING ENVIRONMENTS, our mission, is based on this belief. And we want to take you, the reader, along with us. Our mission is our passion and so we like to exchange ideas in order to further progress. 
Enjoy and let us inspire you,

Benoit Thevelin - Chairman

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