How do you choose an armchair for people with dementia?

A comfortable armchair is part of a homely interior. This is also important for people with dementia. This piece of furniture helps define the atmosphere of the room. With a few basic rules, Moments Furniture helps you in this choice.

  • Choose a traditional model. The armchair must be recognisable to the person with dementia. So no parts or legs in chrome or stainless steel. It will just make them anxious or insecure.
  • Take into account a good sitting height and depth. You have to be able to stand up easily. In terms of hardness, it is best to choose a seat made of stiff foam. The armrests must also provide support over the full depth and be at the right height. 
  • Allow enough time to choose the right upholstery colour. The user must like it, but the colour must also provide sufficient contrast with the living environment. 
  • Go for tactility. Feel and experience the material of the fabric. This helps with the sitting experience.

Moments Furniture offers a wide range of ergonomic reclining chairs and sofas, equipped with numerous options and accessories. Contact us for the possibilities.

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