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We have been producing superior care furniture since 1935. Our many years of experience in the sector enables us to provide a wide range of care furniture that can be tailored specifically to your wishes in terms of comfort, design and hospitality. We design bespoke seating furniture and nursing beds - something that didn't go unnoticed to the magazine Fokus Optimal Zorg.

We also believe it is important that our furniture fits in nicely with the interior. That is why we provide more than just the furniture. We also want to make sure that our customers enjoy their comfortable and stylish new interior by offering the complete package.

We’re not afraid of challenges. It is important to be innovative when you are active in the healthcare sector. The number of patients continues to increase, while the number of hospital beds decreases. Our innovative care furniture is the answer. Our INO armchair, for example, is an innovative seating concept that can be converted from a 'care version' to a 'home version’. A proper sitting position helps to accelerate the healing process. Fokus Optimal Care elaborates further on this.

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The care sector faces a number of significant challenges.  Persistent ageing of the population and increasing life expectancy are leading to increased numbers of patients. At the same time National Health Minister Maggie De Block is introducing a hospital reform, as a result of which the number of hospital beds is decreasing.  As pioneers and specialists in care furniture Moments offers a response to this, with a wide-ranging collection of ergonomic healthcare seats.  

Scientific studies such as Beter uit Bed (“Better out of Bed”) by the Radboud University Medical Centre in the Netherlands show that an active sitting position contributes positively to the convalescence process. Out of bed sooner for a faster recovery. The patient’s mobility within the hospital also benefits as a result.  Moments’ care seats offer a cost-effective and ergonomic alternative to the hospital bed and take maximum account of the user’s state of health and the carer’s ease of use. What’s more they look good, with their modern, stylish design.  What’s more they look good, with their modern, stylish design.  
An item of furniture from Moments is never just a piece of healthcare furniture.  It’s the result of more than 80 years of expertise and a first-hand sense of what goes on in the care sector.  With the INO armchair we’ve developed an innovative seating concept thanks to which the recliner can be converted in modular form from a ‘care version’ to a complete ‘home version’, with all the necessary options and accessories.  
Plus, it’s perfect for stretching out and sleeping.  In short, an innovative solution for the care of the future.

The innovative INO armchair can be used as:
• a fixed seat  
• a “lazy-boy” recliner  
• a treatment seat  
• a couch for sleeping  
• a mobile seat