Designing a hospital with a considered approach: From concept to furniture

Studio M and Moments Furniture are contributing ideas to the development of fully-fledged hospital concepts based on the Creating Healing Environments philosophy. Creating a therapeutic experience that contributes to patients’ healing processes plays a central role throughout the facility. 

Hospital design calls for a considered, holistic approach. The interior should inspire a sense of calm and help to reduce any agitation on the part of patients and visitors. “Moments Furniture was recently responsible for the furnishing of AZ Delta hospital in Roeselare, one of the newest hospital projects in Belgium, realised by VK Architects. We took charge of the concept from start to finish. With our concept studio, Studio M, we actively considered the design along with the client and architect,” says hospitality creator Serge De Rouck. “The effect of this was a result that was quite attentive to the needs of patients, care providers and visitors. Examples of this include the patient rooms, the various waiting room designs, coffee corners, staff rooms, the paediatric and palliative departments, quiet rooms, and so on.”

Better out of bed

In recent years, the amount of time patients spend in bed has become shorter and shorter. Getting them mobile more quickly promotes autonomy as well as the healing process. There is also a steep increase in the number of outpatient hospital admissions. As a result, on the one hand, the number of beds is decreasing and, on the other, efforts are being made to mobilise patients, in both the outpatient and traditional patient rooms. These trends call for new, better suited products. 

“In addition to contributing ideas for concepts, Moments Furniture develops innovative products that reinforce the philosophy of the hospital and department, along with the design”, says Marie Thevelin, a product manager at Moments Furniture. “We help hospitals with their overall concept as well as specific products. Our passion and experience have allowed us to develop some of the best care recliners in the world. Some examples of Moments Furniture’s expertise at work include the special development of our Ino recliner for the orthopaedics department at AZ Delta. At AZ Monica in Antwerp, we helped the architects at Assar Llox to put the right products in place, such as our Fusion recliner chair at the new cardio clinic.”

Moments Furniture has a wide product range for hospitals, where the utmost in hygiene, safety, ergonomics and sustainability are essential. They can be equipped with a wide selection of care accessories that encourage mobilisation and boost ease of use. With its experience, passion and knowledge, Moments Furniture has been a reliable hospital partner for many years. “We fully believe in what we do and in the added value of our products,” says Marie Thevelin. “We invite you to experience the comfort and convenience we offer patients, caregivers and guests visiting loved ones.”