A cosy and social interior concept, even in corona times!

A cosy and social interior concept, even in corona times!

Designing a care centre is much more than just putting in a functional bedside cabinet, an easy chair, an appropriate table and a comfy sofa. The total concept must result in cosy, welcoming spaces where residents feel good, in close contact with other residents, friends and family.  And that is therefore also one of the approaches adopted by Studio M, the creative lab of moments furniture. 

So, has Covid-19 created a huge shift in this vision?

Not just Covid-19, but the corona measures themselves have an impact on the elderly’s well-being. Now that coronavirus has exposed what isolation does to our care-home residents’ emotional state, it has become ‘even clearer’ how important social interaction and human contact with family, visitors and their environment are. 

Scientific research in the US and Australia has shown that isolation even affects the eating patterns and eating habits of care home residents, their physical condition and their mental well-being. 

Total concepts in corona times

Even in Corona times, when it comes to new furnishings, the moments’ fundamental approach continues to be ‘to stimulate social interaction, to increase homeliness and to create a welcoming environment’, albeit an adapted one. 

Currently, when our interior architects from Studio M are considering contemporary interior concepts, they always take into account the applicable corona measures (social distancing). At a later stage, it will be possible to scale up these concepts for an increased capacity, with the usual walkways and gaps. 

Even in restrictive corona circumstances, continuing to motivate residents and bringing them out of their isolation, is still our vision, thanks in part to adapted and appropriate interior concepts.

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