4 ways to elevate your interior design

Decorating a room involves so much more than choosing furniture and a colour scheme. And the care industry is no different in this respect. Paying attention to details such as accessories, plants, wall coverings and even fragrances will elevate the look of your interior. Especially in combination with the well-thought-out total concept of Studio M and adapted care furniture from Moments Furniture. Check out our 4 styling tips.

Dare to mix colours

Rich, bright hues and graphic prints are all the rage again! Go bold with funky contrasts: combine orange and brown with bright green, cobalt blue, purple or chrome, in a nod to the groovy style of the 1960s and 1970s.
Did you know that colour and contrast can have an impact on well-being in care interiors? People with dementia sometimes have difficulty with visual perception and thus benefit from contrasting colours. Consider using different colours for the chairs and the floor for example.

Nature as a sustainable source

Natural and sustainable materials will continue to evolve as a trend in 2022, as seen in the designs of many trendsetters like Hilde Francq. Combine wooden elements with plants, warm hues and authentic accessories. That way you create an environment where you can easily relax.

Wood is a sustainable product that is completely recyclable, making it a great choice for anyone looking to design an ecological interior. Wood also accentuates exceptional craftsmanship. Moreover, it ties in perfectly with the philosophy of Moments Furniture, which is fully committed to a circular economy.

Think of your wall treatments

When styling a space, be sure to pay attention to the walls. Add a tapestry, some fun wallpaper or custom curtains or blinds to make a living area feel much cosier. What’s more, these decorative elements also often have a sound-damping effect.

Choose a style

As with everything, you need to know when to stop. Instead of over-decorating, settle on a particular trend or style and avoid excess. Because nobody likes to spend time in a space that is awash with too many prints, colours and shapes. Minimalism is always a safe option in a care facility but you can always go that extra mile. A home-like look and feel is everything, in a healthy balance with functionality and ease of use.

No matter which design you choose, always strive for quality. High-quality accessories are durable, but fine craftsmanship also elevates your interior design, making it feel more authentic. Need some targeted advice? The hospitality creators at Studio M are more than happy to help you.

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