Practical comfort

The interiors of the hospital, which is built on the polders, are graced with sustainable designer furniture. Sturdy but never severe, the light-look furniture is used in the public areas, such as entrance hall, restaurant, quiet room and the various atriums. The Art Nivo interior specialists created a comfortable yet high functional look for the patient rooms, consultation spaces, waiting rooms, offices, therapy rooms and elsewhere.

Cosmo chair

Commissions were awarded to renowned European furniture makers, such as Arper (Italy), Kusch + Co (Germay), Extremis (Belgium), Artek (Finland) and Treku (Spain). For the patient rooms, Art Nivo selected Moments care and project furniture, such as the Cosmo chair. This functional, ergonomic chair with contemporary design is as comfortable as an armchair, while its organic form makes it exceptionally easy to clean. The Cosmo collection is designed and made in Belgium. Moments supplied 247 Cosmo chairs.

Flip folding chair

Every patient is delighted with visitors. But hospital rooms are relatively small, so visitor seating needs to be as compact as possible. The Flip folding chair by Moments fits that remit perfectly. Economically designed, Flip is comfortable and child-friendly. Thanks to the original folding system, after use, the chair can be hung on the wall-mounted bracket. That means that each room can be equipped with up to four chairs without causing the least inconvenience. One of the primary reasons for choosing Flip is its durability. The frame is made from solid birch and all parts can be recycled. Moments supplied 574 Flip chairs, 100% made in Belgium.

Client: Art NIVO 
Photographer: Valerie Clarysse