688 INOs for the new Sint-Maarten general hospital in Mechelen

Just like all the other interior features the reclining chairs in the rooms of the Sint-Maarten General Hospital had to fit in perfectly with the architectural concept.  So the choice was firmly in favour of INO, the new flagship in our care range. “What’s so innovative about the INO concept is that we always start out from the same basis but that after that we can finish the chair almost “à la carte”, depending on the functionality, look and feel that the customer wants,” says Marie Thevelin, product manager with Moments.

“In the Sint-Maarten General Hospital we already have some 650 units.  In maternity the choice was the Ino Casa, a homely version with small wheels and a closed padded armrest.  In geriatrics on the other hand the preference was for the Ino Cura, which in the interests of safety and transport is equipped with larger wheels, lowerable armrest and central brake.  For the other departments we delivered the versatile Ino Cura, with smaller wheels.  So we can completely transform the Ino chair from the ‘home version’ to the ‘care version’ and everything in between.  

Also, at the request of the Sint-Maarten General Hospital we’ve made a number of minor adjustments and improvements so that the chairs can meet the needs of patients, nurses, occupational therapists, maintenance personnel, etc. as far as possible.  We think together with our clients and always run through a complete development process, which has certainly paid off in this project too.  The modern look of our Ino chairs goes together perfectly with the look and feel of a modern-day hospital.   We focus particularly on the patients’ experience, but at the same time we pay great attention to functional aspects such as hygiene.”