Ergonomic Seats for the Oncology Department

At the Oncology Department of the Imelda Hospital in Bonheiden (Mechelen), they are firmly convinced of the better out of bed principle. This means that patients are kept in motion as much as possible to stimulate the healing process. That’s why the hospital did not choose care beds on their oncology lounge, but rather the comfortable Fusion reclining chairs.

Anyone receiving chemotherapy at the Imelda hospital will do so in the comfort and safety of the Fusion reclining chair. With ergonomic design as the main starting point. Hygiene was also considered, thanks to the smart choice of fabric and the opening between the seat and back to prevent dirt from accumulating. The bi-elastic cover at the bottom of the seat is easy to clean without removing the seat surface.

Reclining chair in the centre
The reclining chairs immediately give the room a different look and feel, rather than the more stigmatising care beds in day hospitals. In addition, Fusion takes up less space and fits perfectly into a stylishly decorated room that exudes a home-like atmosphere. This alleviates the stressful circumstances that an oncology patient may find themselves in. Electric adjustment and a manually adjustable headrest allow the patient to determine their own comfort during the hours of sitting in the chair.

Project: Imelda ziekenhuis - Bonheiden
Interior Architect: Hasa architecten
Furniture: Moments Furniture