A total approach from concept to furniture

A great deal of people pass through a hospital. For each of them, you want to create a welcoming, home-like atmosphere that focuses on comfort and reassurance. Studio M provided conceptual advice for the specific design of the AZ Delta hospital. From the waiting rooms and doctors’ lounges to the new eye and outpatient clinic to the patient rooms, coffee corners and living spaces. 

To enhance the look and feel of this healing environment, the Ino Care Relax by Moments Furniture was chosen among others. This care chair is the star of the design. It is ergonomic for the patient and the caregiver, but it is also easily adaptable and deployable. For example, the Ino Care Relax was tailored to the specific needs of departments such as cardiology, orthopaedics, maternity, etc. The result is a welcoming hospital that fits within a sensory experience and within AZ Delta’s vision of care.

Furnture: Moments Furniture
Interior concept: Studio M