Adding zing to the new bistro

Dienstencentrum Den Appel - Edegem (BE)

Studio M and Moments Furniture joined forces to create an enticing interior for the Den Appel day centre in Edegem. In addition to new wallpaper and a new layout, the bright space was also furnished with new blue and yellow furniture for a classic, but fresh new look. Studio M came up with a colour palette with a more zing, in line with the wishes of the employees and the residents.

The crisp tones of the new furniture elevate the space. The combination of deep dining chairs in warm hues, the comfortable chairs and the small lounge corner means the space can be used in many different ways. The large tables mean everyone has plenty of space to sit while the interior design scheme and the many plants create a pleasant, welcoming ambience which is light years away from the old canteen.

Interior concept: Studio M
Furniture: Moments Furniture