How we work?

Moments Furniture focuses on sustainable development and wellbeing


Moments Furniture is committed to circular economy. We resolutely choose materials that have a minimal impact on people and the environment. During production, waste is reduced and recycled as much as possible. In addition, all components of our furniture can be separated at the end of their lives and recycled for use in new products.

Developing sustainable furniture means more than making people’s lives more comfortable. It’s an ongoing quest for innovation and quality, both among our employees and during the development process. Sustainable entrepreneurship, therefore, starts with the design, from the selection and processing of raw materials to recycling.

Our wellbeing policy


Health, wellbeing, and safety are core values at Moments Furniture. We develop furniture by and for people - that’s why the wellbeing of our employees is so important. We strive for an open work culture with room for initiative and self-development. Career guidance and support are part of this. We offer opportunities to everyone, no matter their gender, age, or background.

Moments Furniture encourages social interaction both on and off the job. We regularly organize events and team building for the staff. International cooperation is also important to us; we encourage our employees to think beyond their own offices.

Corporate social responsibility


We’ve only got one planet, so Moments Furniture is doing its part. We produce as little waste as possible and ensure the proper recycling of all the waste we collect. For everything concerning environmental management, Moments Furniture has implemented the environmental management system according to ISO 14001.

We also extend this vision to our environmentally friendly packaging during transport. For example, our products have for years now been delivered wrapped in reusable furniture blankets for more compact loading, which reduces the number of transports and prevents packaging waste.

We also focus on environmentally responsible business practices in our production. Right from the initial design, we employ the cradle-to-cradle principle. The modular construction of our furniture means that it evolves along with the needs of the users, and a piece of furniture can be dismantled and recycled at the end of its life.

The highest degree of quality and safety


Moments Furniture guarantees high-quality products with the highest level of safety. Our furniture is designed by experts in design and safety. Along with our loyal partners and suppliers, we closely monitor the use of high-quality materials and techniques for the production of our furniture worldwide.

Moments Furniture holds certifications of the ISO9001 standard for quality processes on correct delivery of our goods and services, European EN 16139 quality standards, and the necessary CE certificates - for a lifespan of up to 25 years!

A second life


The lifespan of Moments Furniture products is 25 years. Based on our idea of doing business in a socially and environmentally responsible way, we give our customers’ outdated and/or reclaimed furniture a second life, both locally and internationally. This too is part of our innovative and progressive vision.

In 2020, for example, Moments sent about 100 care beds to the Philippines, where they were used in an emergency hospital for COVID-19 patients.

Moments Furniture Outlet


Our demo models and showroom models are not forgotten either. They get a second life in care institutions or with private individuals. They’re perfect for those looking for a quickly available and/or competitively priced chair, seat, table, lounge chair, or care bed.

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