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Are you looking for a stylish, hardwearing table with a fine finish that looks good in any room? Need large tables for the cafeteria? Our collection has a wide range of tables in different styles, sizes, colours and finishes.


Dining, playing cards, doing puzzles - this table is perfect for anything.

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Very stable, functional table with a clean, modern design.

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Handy. Light and functional table that looks good in common rooms, offices and private rooms.

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Functional series with a central leg, which makes it highly accessible from all sides.

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Thanks to its composition and design, this table always radiates simplicity and calm, wherever it stands.

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A series that is highly accessible, stable and functional. The central leg ensures the table can be accessed from all sides.

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Strong, stable table with a total height of 76cm (knee clearance 72cm), making it welcoming to wheelchairs, a boon in the care sector.

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We design well thought-out interior concepts for the health sector, with special concern for comfort, look and hospitality.  

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We design and manufacture fixed personalised furniture for the care sector, with the stress on high quality and a refined finish.

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