Studio M creates care centre magic

How about a coffee in the residential care centre around the corner? If you can do it in a trendy launderette or a hotel lobby… then why not there? Studio M is taking up the challenge and inventing ‘magical’ interior concepts to make care environments cosy and welcoming.

A cosy atmosphere
A residential care centre plays a broad social role. Not only is it a care environment, it is also an ideal place for people of all generations to come together. This is the vision of Studio M, the creative laboratory of Moments Furniture. Serge De Rouck, hospitality creator: “Just imagine what it would be like if you could attract not only family and relatives to a care centre but also people from outside to enjoy a coffee with friends, to have lunch, to throw family parties or perhaps even to hold meetings. You would get greater social interaction, break down barriers and, on top of that, it would generate some extra income to run the place. With Studio M, we are very keen to be involved with care centres that pay extra attention to hospitality and their accessibility and really focus on presenting themselves as attractive and welcoming meeting places.”

Feeling welcome
Studio M brings together experts from every conceivable domain, from care specialists to interior designers and through to stylists. They approach every project as a unique case and examine how they can create an environment ‘with attention to (care and) comfort’ where people of all ages feel welcome. And this goes well beyond designing a cafeteria with a good atmosphere… Serge De Rouck: “For us it is about the total concept. Every detail has to be right. Everything must radiate the same warm ambiance. Only if we succeed at this will we create a place where people come together and can experience magical moments.”

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