Was beschäftigt unsere Inneneinrichtungsfachleute? Wie entwickelt unser Sektor sich weiter? Welche neuen Trends machen sich im Pflegemobiliarsektor breit? Wir informieren Sie sachkundig über relevante Themen.

Radboud gets care moving

Scientific research has shown that patients recover more quickly if they are confined to bed less and move more. Our INO care relax has already been given a place in the 'patient room of the future' of Radboud University.

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Together we will beat this virus!

#applausvoordzorg #samentegencorona 

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Welcome to our new showroom!

In the wake of our 85th birthday, we have completely revamped our showroom in Ingelmunster. Even more attention to presentation. Even more atmosphere. To make it feel even more welcoming. Is it time you paid us a visit?

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Belgium care furniture enters Hong Kong’s silver market

An article about Moments Furniture was published in the Hong Kong Economic times last month, read the translated article here.

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